1Are your prices competitive?
Looking around for the best price and deals possible is a good thing. Don’t be fooled by people who want to give you cheap prices and nothing else. There are many layers to the certification process and some people will rely on your not knowing the questions to ask. Before you decide on who to take the course from, make sure you ask these questions…


Are the books and other materials included with the tuition? The course cost

Are you paying for a full course? Will you be certified as a Scuba Diver (limited certification) or an Open Water Scuba Diver? Rental gear

Will you have to rent gear for the course? Equipment purchases

Will you have to purchase equipment to be used during the course? Pool sessions

Is the pool close and will I have to pay to use it? Dives

Will I have to pay a boat fee or travel extremely far away? Are there costs to get into a National Park? Certification

After you have completed your course you will get a certification card or do you have to send something in? Class reschedule

If you miss a scheduled class will you be charged to reschedule? Additional Training

If you have some learning difficulties or have to reschedule for any reason will you have to pay for additional pool or lake work?

You need to make sure you know the cost of everything, surprises can be costly. We do not make you buy equipment, you use our equipment at no additional cost during your training. We will help you choose the equipment you will need and have student packages for that equipment if you decide to purchase.

At Scuba Views all of these are included in our price $379.00 for the PADI Open Water Course. The only additional fee for you is the $10 park entrance fee at Lake Mead.

2Can I do part of my course online?
Yes! You can do the knowledge portion of you class online through PADI eLearning. It’s fun, easy and can be done 24/7. But please be very careful about online courses, some will tell you they are accepted by all certification agencies. This is not true! Certification agencies, PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI and others, belong to the Recreational Scuba Training Counsel and none accept these independent online training programs. PADI offers the online knowledge training and charges $125.00 for the convenience.
3I’m leaving on a trip in ‘X’ weeks or I’ll be in town for ‘X’ weeks, can I get my Open Water Scuba Diver done my then?
The short answer is probably. Our schedule is flexible but the earlier you schedule the more open we are. Wind and lightning can also be a factor, though more in the spring/fall time of year.

1 Week – This will be very hard. You would have to be VERY flexible and motivated. Our already booked students and the weather can be a factor

2 Weeks – This is slightly more doable, especially in the off season (October – April) but you will still need some flexibility.

3 Weeks – This is normally not a problem except in the busiest times of the season and when booked last minute.

4 Weeks – It is extremely likely that you would be certified.

4It’s really windy or stormy! Can we dive today?
You first need to realize the weather at Lake Mead is often similar but not the same Las Vegas. They are separated by mountains and therefore can have very different weather patterns. So it might be the nicest day ever in Las Vegas and extremely windy at the lake.

It is Scuba Views’ policy that sustained winds over 15 mph or gusting over 25 mph we will not be diving at Lake Mead for Open Water Classes. The instructor has your safety in mind and will make all final decisions.

It is also Scuba Views’ policy not to dive in or near storms producing lighting. Lightning can travel many miles ahead of a storm. If we are driving to or at the Lake and we witness lighting in the area we absolutely cannot dive. Lighting is extremely dangerous in water with a metal compressed air cylinder on your back!

5Scuba Views refund policy
In stock:Full refund available for 30 days after purchase with new unused item in full packaging.

Special order: 5 days, must try it on in the store for sized items. Must be unused in original packaging.

Refunds made in same form as original payment* or store credit. (*original credit/debit card must be present)


No refund on courses. You have no time limit to finish your course. Sales are final.