Primary Uses of Scuba Wood Planer

Unfamiliar with Scuba Wood Planer?

Scuba wood planer is great for trolling in a wide, deep blue sea or fresh body of water.

From fishing baits to copper wire and deep-diving troll, scuba planer board is a piece of excellent scuba equipment to try.

What is a scuba wood planer?

Scuba wood planer board made of wood used for scuba diving, fishing, for trolling, casting, etc. It is specially designed to help scuba divers and seamen to reach more area on the surface of the water.

In fishing, it’s used for covering wide areas. For scuba divers, this is more important for buoyant, for sky-tow, and for trolling, or away from the current.

Planer boards are flat equipment that normally made from wood or foam.

Usually, it used to connect to the fishing lines and enable fishers to take more than one fish getting at a time.

What are the uses of Scuba Wood Planer Board?

Normally, scuba diving takes many different gears when underwater. While scuba wood planer is utilized in different ways:

  • For searching upper and middle depths
  • For out into the current
  • For running alongside the boat
  • For floating
  • For ski-tow
  • For balance and direction
  • For full control over the depth at any distance and more.

The scuba planer board has many uses when it comes to fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more. It is the tool for many fishers, in casting and trolling, in wide areas to catch fish.

In scuba diving and snorkeling, it is also a great piece of sky-tow, “shark line,” and for balance and direction. Many divers are likely to have this excellent tool when snorkeling that brought fun and enjoyment when having a scuba diving adventure.

What are the types of Planer Boards?

Of all the scuba diving equipment, the planer board is a friend of seamen or fishermen and divers.

There are types of planer board to choose from;

Side Planer Board

It is the average planer board made for floating on the surface of the water, used for running along with the boat and many others. It is designed with many sides or angles to maintain balance and direction.

Scuba Wood Planer Board

A planer board made with a block of durable wood, with a unique design that can dive, or goes underwater. Aside from that, if the wave hits the planer board, the plastic board, can’t able to go down underwater.

Foam Planer Boards

A high-density foam, thick, and lightweight. Just like an average planer board, made and painted with bright colors that visible for the eyes. A tool preferred for sailors, who are seeking an affordable planer board for fishing.

Planer Boards with Tattle Flags

Tattle flags made for catching fish. Planer boards with tattle tags are specially designed for fishers.

Triple Planer Boards with

Triple planer boards created three boards allowing fishers to cover a wide range of areas. Designed for fishing allowing fishers to catch more fish at a time.

Benefits of Using the Scuba Wood Planer Board

The planer board is very necessary for scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Enlisted here some benefits of the scuba wood planer to every diver;

Wood Planer Board is unique and durable

Unlike the plastic planer board and the foam planer board, the scuba wood planer board is different, from the plastic planer board, when it comes to durability, stability, and direction. It can go underwater when hit by a wave, and it is more durable than other planer boards.

Incredibly Easy to Set up and Use

An average planer board procedure comprises various key elements assembled before it can be utilized. A wood planer board is easy to set up and easy to use.

For tow behind the boat

When using even an average planer board, tow behind the boat is good with matching snorkel. Over time you will know how to curve your body to go downward and upward, to take a deep breath and go back and forth underwater. Meaning scuba planer board is great to use when you like to drift and want an exhibition training above and beyond underwater.

Adjustable Control

It allows divers to have full control above the depth of troll at different distances estimated distance up to 150 feet or more, and away from the side of the boat. You can run on the surface of the water by controlling the stability and direction of the planer board.

Floating and Sloping

The design of the side planer board is perfect for sloping downward and for sloping upward. It can either swerve to port or starboard.

For Fun and Exploring

By using the planer board appropriately, you can explore and run on the surface of the water and have some fun at the same time.


Using a scuba planer board is fun specifically when snorkeling or scuba diving. Most divers prefer to use the planer board for the “shark line” underwater.”

However, you need to take slowly, and be careful when doing the “shark line” it has some risks. Some divers advise you to do it when the water is clear and calm.

Divers favored using a scuba wood planer board than a plastic planer board. Most of them likely doing ski-tow by using a scuba wood planer board than a plastic planer board and do it ideally on calm days while enjoying over wide areas.