Beginners Guide: How to Snorkel?

Snorkelling is fun. A relaxing way of observing underwater views such as sea mammals, coral reefs, fish, and many others. It is a great means of seeing the underwater world without having much equipment to carry.

First time to try snorkelling?

Then you are on the right track. Here you discover how to snorkel correctly, and how to use swim fins.

What is snorkel?

Snorkelling is a pleasant way, where you can see nearly, corals, and marine life underwater without breathing for air every minute. You simply need to use snorkel, a diving mask and usually with swim fins when viewing underwater world.

Important Steps to follow- How to Snorkel?

Here are the steps to follow on how to snorkel properly and enjoy the underwater world without taking heavy gear underwater.

  • Grab a snorkel, and a mask
    Pick a snorkel and mask you are comfortable to use.
    You can try it in the water to check if there are leaks.
    If you have a problem in your eyesight, get an adjusted mask, or use the contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are most suitable for snorkelling.
  • Place the mask on and fasten the straps until it comfortably fits around your eyes and nose.
    Be sure the snorkel tube is near your mouth to set in placed.
  • Lay flat, and face in the water about a 45-degree, angle.
    Position your body, horizontally, on the surface of the water. Let your body float freely in the water. Lay your body, and relaxed – snorkelling is good for calming.
  • Lightly bite the mouthpiece of the snorkel.
    Bite, and seal the mouthpiece with your lips, keeping the snorkel in place. By doing this you have the control on the snorkel tube to displace from your mouth.
  • Take slow breaths through the tube. Breathe deeply, and slowly, using your mouth through your snorkel tube. Relax, and once you get to it, you can freely enjoy while viewing the beauty of the underwater world.

Being relax underwater is the best way to not scaring the fish or any mammals underwater. In that way, you definitely enjoy the wonderful marine life in underwater world.
Snorkelling is a great soothing way to feel calm, through that way you are enjoying the scenery in underworld and at the same time you feel relaxed and enjoy.

How to Snorkel: 7 Steps of How to Use Swim fins

When using fins while snorkelling, is another fun activity that allows an individual to swim without scaring the fish.

  1. Set the swim fins on your feet. It will refine your movements and able you to move forward swiftly without forming a disturbing splashing.
  2. Stay your arms at your sides, and stretch your legs, making the swim fins pointed behind you, and keep your legs close together.
  3. Control your knees narrowly bent, and kick deliberately with the swim fins. Let your swim fin stroke directions calm and relaxed. Try to get force from the hip, and your thigh muscles and don’t force to kick with your knees, you are only wasting your energy.
  4. Kick farther, slightly upwards while curbing your back upright. Make a downward stroke to pressure yourself forward.
  5. See to it that your swim fins are positioned below the water when kicking. Avoid splashing, it will scare the fish, and it can be disturbing to other swimmers near you.
  6. Drift with the waves. Snorkelling is the best, on peaceful waters, however, you should learn to modify your directions, to go with the flow of the surging waves.
  7. Swim at a constant safe pace to preserve your energy. Snorkelling is not a contest, and a reasonable session can linger for hours.

How to Snorkel: Keeping Your Air Way Tube Clear from Water

To any snorkelling exploration, you are prone to water entering your snorkelling tube, hardly due to surf circumstances or unnecessary splashing.

    • Breathe carefully.
      By letting your head dip extremely low in the water can empty your airway of being a massive disruption to your adventure.
    • Ground your head without raising it out of the water.
      In this stance, assure that the end of the tube is off from the water at this moment.
    • Breathe out through your mouth quickly, and strongly, into the snorkel.
      Through this blowing method, it will eliminate all the water from your snorkel.Remove the remaining water with an aggressive blow. By blowing again, it can clear any remaining water in the snorkel.
    • Learn airway control
      Periodically you get some water in your tube when there’s no air in your lungs. If there’s a little water left, breath carefully without water in your mouth until you have sufficient air for an entire blow. If the airway has a lot of water on it, you will require to raise your head out of the water and seize a breath in the mouthpiece.
    • Learn to dive.
      Once your airway is clear, you’re able to dive underwater to view something astonishing in the underwater world.
    • Take a deep breath and swim downward.
      If you want to breathe and there is water in the airway, clear your snorkel tube from water, which you practiced.


Unlike scuba diving, snorkelling does not require any personal training or needing a great physical effort, and it mostly rehearsed freely.
Many beach resorts and sea beaches all over the world allowing day snorkelling tours, which authorize snorkelers to see the views underwater, including barrier-reefs, islands, underwater caves, and others.