Male and Female: What to Wear Under Wetsuit?

Under Wetsuit

A typical question most often asked by new divers- What to wear under a wetsuit?

Most divers have different views or opinions, on what to wear under a wetsuit.

Some want to wear nothing, or nude, others are not comfortable, to dive without any underneath suits.

However, if you are new to scuba diving or snorkelling, it depends on your decisions whether you wear it with or without undergarments. You can use a bathing suit, a light rash guard, or another sort of underneath garment.

If you are wondering what to wear under your wetsuit, this article will answer your questions and lead you through.

But, before going further, let me cite with you how a wetsuit works, to understand why you need to wear, or not wear anything underneath your wetsuit.

A wetsuit is a neoprene covering suit, made for providing thermal insulation, and for shield. Its main purpose is to trap a thin layer of water within your body and the suit.

Also, it works as a protection from abrasion, UV exposure, and bites of any aquatic organisms.

For Male: What to Wear Under Wetsuit?

Most people choose not to wear anything under a wetsuit because they feel comfortable when there is nothing underneath. But it’s not always the best choice when it comes to scuba diving, snorkelling, and other water sports.

Men Diving Shorts

Diving shorts made of neoprene provides light and light feeling and is very useful when used under a wetsuit. Aside from working as thermal insulation for your body, it can help you to wear and remove your wetsuit easily compared to having nothing underneath.

But in cold water, you can use thermal Lycra short under your wetsuit. In that way, you’ll body get some more insulation and feel warm.

Adult Beach Pants Breathable Lycra Neoprene is a great option for under wetsuit. It is light, warm, simple to wear, and more suitable for Kayaking, Snorkelling, scuba diving, and Surfing.

Swimwear Briefs

Swimwear Briefs are suitable to use under a wetsuit, for warm water diving, it added warmth and protection. Luckily, there are lightweight and thin briefs out there, great for wearing under a wetsuit.

The Swimming Brief is better for under wetsuit, made with spandex soft and with satisfying elasticity materials which you can freely move or swim without feeling comfy.

Rash Guards

Rash Guards keep your upper part body warm above and underwater.

You can take any variety of swimwear undershirts but, a rash guard serves an excellent choice as a first layer under cold waters. You may choose a rash guard one with long sleeves depending on the temperature of the water

Rash guards give more warmth and comfort wearing from wetsuit chafing as well.

This O’Neill short sleeve undershirt suited for under wetsuit made with polyester and spandex 4-Way Stretch material. A fashionable undershirt swimwear that dries quickly, making it the best fit for all types of water sports.

For Women: What to Wear Under Wetsuit?

Women are so fussy when it comes to swimwear and more conservative than men. They are needing to wear undergarments, particularly when renting a wetsuit.


Picking up a full-body jumpsuit benefits you to keep you even warmer. Having a good quality of jumpsuit is very vital as you don’t want to swim uncomfortably.

This NeoSport Wetsuit for Women is an ultra-thin, full dive suit made of premium neoprene which is excellent for warm water or as a layer under thicker wetsuits.

Women Diving Shorts

Diving shorts are also an excellent choice for under wetsuit, especially if there’s a demand for more warmth when diving underwater.

Neoprene Wetsuits Short is a best option for women to wear under a wetsuit. It’s a full warm trunk fit for diving, and snorkelling.

Women’s Swimwear Sleeveless Tops

Divers, especially women, can also wear compression shirts but others loved to wear sleeveless tops. It gives a comfortable feeling and freedom at the shoulders.

They come in thin, lightweight fabrics that are good for water sports, and layering, under wetsuits.

We suggest NeoSport wetsuits for women Zipper Vest, made of premium insulating neoprene. It has a sleeveless cut designed leaving arms free for movement and can be worn comfortably under a wetsuit or over a full suit or skin.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Wearing Under Wetsuit

There are factors a diver needs to consider before wearing under a wetsuit. Here are the crucial factors that may guide you when diving underwater.

In Warm Waters

Wearing with minimal coverage like trunks, swimsuits and others are great when diving under warm waters.

In Colder temperatures

The extra layer underneath a wetsuit is better when diving in colder temperatures underwater.

The lighter wetsuits are perfect to wear in colder temperatures underwater diving such as, jumpsuit, rash guard, or any other kind that provide you with thermal insulation you need.

Some choose to go nude when diving, they can wear a thicker wetsuit in colder temperatures either.


When renting a wetsuit, you should use something underneath.

Wetsuits are not simple to wear and take off, especially if there’s no underneath suit. Also, it should be fixed to suit snugly but, it should not be extremely tight to cut off your flow when diving.
Wearing under wetsuit is optional, however, if you are renting a wetsuit, wearing undergarment is advised.
Choosing what to wear, eventually depends on the situation, and the temperature of the water, you intend to dive into, how sensible your body is, and many other factors to consider.